The International Association for
Gestalt in Organisations (INTAGIO)

INTAGIO is a meeting place for individual gestalt practitioners. Our purpose is to further our theoretical knowledge and exchange experience of our Gestalt practice.

We are a self-organising, member-led network.


Gathering 2023

Our next face-to-face INTAGIO Gathering will be held in De Roos, Amsterdam on 4-7 May. Find out more.

Zoom Meetings

Every two weeks for 90 minutes on Sunday’s at 7:00 AM US you are welcome to share and connect with other members online.

What INTAGIO means to me is that it is a very nice meeting place, where I can meet colleagues and exchange ideas and experiences. It is invitational and inspiring and each meeting gives me new insights or new inspiration and also a feeling of belonging. I like that a lot – Frans Meulmeester


Poem by Yannis Angelis

It was back in March 2021, where the 3rd COVID wave was challenging my loneliness in isolation at my small flat in Germany. Already since last year, a collateral benefit of the pandemic was a profound awakening of the artist in me.

Gestalt is …

Firstly a philosophy, that successfully explains life at the fringes of the mystery of existence, without ever attempting to explain the mystery itself. Secondly, it is a personal practice that allows us …