Join us

Join us, and become a member of INTAGIO, the worldwide community for Gestalt in Organizations!

  1. Read the section below on membership types and fees 
  2. Pay your membership fee via the Payments page and fill in the registration form, link below, which 20-200 € / 12 months, each year 1st Oct  – 30th Sep.

Membership types

Individual Membership is the default type.

  • Individual membership allows become part of the network of INTAGIO, participate in our annual gathering and online meetings and to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • In joining INTAGIO, we ask that you support the objectives on the page About Intagio

Associate Membership is open to organisations.

  • To preserve INTAGIO’s independence of any other organisation, associate member organizations have no voting rights, and pay no membership fee. However, they can support INTAGIO financially or by other means for mutual benefit.
  • Individual Members of associate-member organisations who wish to join INTAGIO can become Individual Members by following the above instructions.

Individual Membership Fees

INTAGIO is a not for profit association run for its members, by its members. We value inclusion and collaboration and therefore want membership to be affordable and accessible. Your annual membership fee is used entirely to help make things happen for the INTAGIO community. 

  • Between 20-200 € per year – you decide how much you to pay. The amount is only visible to the finance committee for transaction tracking.
  • Renewable on October 1st each year. Members joining INTAGIO part way through the year can moderate the fee at their discretion.
  • List of members is published on the INTAGIO website