Our annual face to face gathering is a platform to meet and connect with other INTAGIO members and to further our joint discovery in our field of practice. The co-created agenda of our 3-4 days long Annual Gatherings is built around case exploration and presentation, work with local clients and long conversations around the dinner table. We are certainly searching for ways to combine working and meeting off- and online. The next INTAGIO Gathering will be held in De Roos Amsterdam, on May 4-7, 2023.

Even though we will come up with a list of hotels and B&Bs soon, we advise people to start looking for rooms as accommodation is not included in the price. The fee for the gathering will be somewhere between 200 – 300€.

Watch this space for details to come.

Next to the live Annual Gathering members can meet online through our bi-weekly 90 minutes INTAGIO Zoom Meetings. There you are welcome to share and connect with other members online. If you want to join please contact Bill Palmer.

INTAGIO is a network of precious individual professionals, who care and dare to be as open as honest with one another, juggling appreciation with critique, congregating at annual Gatherings, where I learnt how to herd cats – Jochen Lohmeier