Reading tip: From Here to Later

Talia Bar Yoseph Levine, member of INTAGIO, edited a new book with the title From Here to Later. The art of staying with, while playing ahead, during a global crisis.

She wrote the following lines on the cover of this new book: in 2020, the world was hit with an unexpected challenge. What had worked until then was either no longer relevant or needed thoughtful adaptation. What would be the new normal remained to be seen. Each and one of us, and especially those who work with, or lead systems, had to face almost total uncertainty, while at the same time we were obligated to plan a future based on minimal foundation. It became evident that the greater good would stand to benefit from our shared experiences, reflections, developing thoughts etc.

Consultants and leaders around the globe gathered to contribute their reflections and understandings in a professional, palatable, succinct, personal manner. They tell how they found a way to thrive and develop at a time of stress, distress and uncertainty through flexibility, connection and an open mind in the hope that each reader will find some valuable nuggets to support them in ‘staying here and planning for later.

A good number of INTAGIO members contributed their learning to this book.

Are you curious about this book, which hopefully have at least one pearl of wisdom for you or your clients!? You can order it now on Amazon.

Good reading!


“We people like to measure, so we can control and predict. We will never stop inventing instruments to dot it more more and more precisely and that’s great. What is a pity though is that we tend to forget about an important part”, says Ien van Duijnhoven, member of INTAGIO. Watch and listen to her story about Energy on YouTube!

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Gestalt is ….

By Eugenio Moliní

… firstly, a philosophy that successfully explains life at the fringes of the mystery of existence, without ever attempting to explain the mystery itself;

… secondly, it is a personal practice that allows us to intentionally approach, embrace and experience this mystery, without ever fully understanding it;

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Exploring a new topic: Decolonising psychology

By Frans Meulmeester

I like to share my enthusiasm about a new inspiration and challenge. Since a few months I am in contact with Kirti Singh, a colleague from Canada, who originally comes from India.Together we are exploring the topic of power and privileges and by doing so, I came in touch with the topic of ‘decolonising psychology’ and in relation to that the topic of ‘liberation psychology’.

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