“We people like to measure, so we can control and predict. We will never stop inventing instruments to dot it more more and more precisely and that’s great. What is a pity though is that we tend to forget about an important part”, says Ien van Duijnhoven, member of INTAGIO. Watch and listen to her story about Energy on YouTube!

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Gestalt is ….

By Eugenio Moliní

… firstly, a philosophy that successfully explains life at the fringes of the mystery of existence, without ever attempting to explain the mystery itself;

… secondly, it is a personal practice that allows us to intentionally approach, embrace and experience this mystery, without ever fully understanding it;

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Exploring a new topic: Decolonising psychology

By Frans Meulmeester

I like to share my enthusiasm about a new inspiration and challenge. Since a few months I am in contact with Kirti Singh, a colleague from Canada, who originally comes from India.Together we are exploring the topic of power and privileges and by doing so, I came in touch with the topic of ‘decolonising psychology’ and in relation to that the topic of ‘liberation psychology’.

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