About Intagio

INTAGIO is intentional about how we meet and develop. We choose to be open to all with a gestalt background or interest who work in or with organisations, or work with clients as practitioners: consultants (both internal and external), coaches, therapists, managers, leaders, staffers, academics, researchers and authors, among other professionals.

INTAGIO’S members form a network of individual professionals who make unique contributions to clients, to the societies, and to the world in which we live, work and die. We do this by employing gestalt approaches in business, government, and social communities, for profit and not-for-profit organisations alike. Often this involves working with management and project groups, however sometimes our members work as trusted advisors to their clients and gain support and case supervision from fellow gestalt professionals in INTAGIO.

INTAGIO members work actively with core gestalt premises.

Gestalt at Work in Organisations (GIO) and beyond – What is INTAGIO about?

Based in Science

A gestalt practitioner for organisations and societal systems strives to consistently and ethically apply a sound body of psychologically rooted experience to the dynamics of people and human interactions in a variety of fields of work. 

Grounded in a century of psychological research into perception and meaning making, one of the pillars of gestalt focuses on approaches to healing and mindfulness. This has been applied to individuals, couples, families, and groups (e.g. teams). The other pillar is based on social sciences and activism. It focuses on societal systems, inter-cultures, and surrounding fields in which they are embedded.

Wide-Ranging and Far-Reaching

Those of us who work as organisational consultants and coaches have a wide range of clients both far and near: from the White House to remote West and East African villages, from Chinese family businesses to New York beauty firms, from national rugby teams to the European Union. We coach individuals, work with dyads or pairs in conflict, and facilitate intercultural bonding in teams. 

Unique Stance from which to Address Complexity

The distinctive value-added of the gestalt approach is the attention to underlying dynamics and processes (emotions, relationships, power, structures, changes), as well as technical strategic aspects of organisations and societal systems. 

In order to cope with such complexity, gestalt practitioners use their whole Self (head, heart, spirit, body) for engaging with clients, for modelling and guiding processes, and in order that human experiences are available to clients in the here and now.

Spanning Across 

INTAGIO members find value in practicing and developing the faculty and resources to work with different systems and fields: from individual to family to organisation to society and to the globe. The gestalt approach adds the aspect of awareness across such diverse forms and systems.

Change is Paradoxical

Our professional approach recognizes change as a paradox: change does not start with what one wants to not do or be. Only after clients can fully and truly be themselves, after they have accepted who they really are, will they be ready to progress in their work and make a next step. Less trying, more being.